• Irena Damsky

Stories from the Dark Side of Managing a Security Research Department in a Start-Up

Before I've started, I used to Run Security Research for ThreatSTOP and during my last days there I had a rare opportunity to present a talk about running a security research department in a start up during @BSidesNYC.

Without thinking twice I suggested adding @GelosSnake from @MinervaLabs to the talk so that we will have a better talk as we have very different approaches to management and work(ed) for very different startups.

The talk was a blast and we had an awesome time presenting it at @BSidesNYC, the rumor about it spread among our friends in the Israeli security scene and soon we were asked to present it at our local @DC9723 group meetup - so we did!

We did the talk a bit more fluid and had almost an hour to talk (unlike the 25 minutes we had in NYC) so we used the time to add more content and share more of our tips - and our great organizers at @DC9723 recorded it - so now, you can watch it too!

Have fun :)

And more importantly - if you are in Israel (either live here or just come over for a visit) you should check out our monthly @DC9723 meetup - there are always great talks and even more important - great people (and we also share a beer afterwards!)

So just follow the group on Twitter, YouTube channel or the official site!

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